Friday, February 09, 2007

A Message From the President

So by now, you have probably read the article about who I am. I figured I should at least say something before I fold up shop here at the blog. There’s been a lot of speculation about my identity and motives for a while, so I should set some of it straight.

First of all, I wanted to address the whole issue of anonymity. I can completely understand people who are skeptical of writers who write with pseudonyms. They shouldn’t have to use a fake name if they didn’t have anything to hide, right?

It killed me all along not to be able to use my own name – although when I started this thing, I honestly never thought anyone would read it and it wouldn’t even matter. I just started doing it to make myself and a couple of friends laugh. I never expected it to get the attention it did. I can see where people in the capitol would be anxious if a staffer was somehow dishing out gossip or inside secrets, but I never did that. I was just a guy with opinions, and I shared them – hopefully in a way that entertained on occasion.

If people are looking for insider dirt or a “look at me, I work in the Capitol because I can name some Assembly members” attitude, those blogs exist. I wanted to be more than that, because I thought I could actually shed some light on some issues, rather than just taking shots. When I did criticize someone, I always provided substantiation in the form of a link or citation. I always operated on the assumption that I could be outed the very next day, and that I should be proud of what I posted. My position on some of the people I criticized has even shifted, in some cases.

Secondly, people are asking me whether all the stuff on the site is true. Sadly, yes. I never did mention my son, as that would make it so completely obvious who I was. But as you can see, I briefly retired during the period he was born, just to have some time off to get ready. The stress from being chased down by reporters didn’t help, either.

Finally, I wanted to thank all the people that knew who I was and kept it to themselves. You are all truly great friends, and provided me with a lot of feedback, information, and criticism. I especially want to thank the people who kept being accused of being me, who held strong and didn’t give it up. I also want to apologize to the people to whom I had to deny it was me. I hope you all understand. Your check is in the mail.

So I’m on to write for the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. I’m working on some big things for the website, so I hope you’ll all follow me there. It is a great organization – providing commentary, reports, and the Wisconsin Interest Magazine. Hopefully, you all keep checking out the changes that will be going on over at in the future. There may not be as many posts about Jim Doyle's body waxing, but hopefully I can provide some commentary on issues of the day that entertain.

So that’s it. I’ll miss doing the blog. I can’t believe anyone cared about 90% of what I had to say, but I appreciate it. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have people linking to, discussing, and quoting stuff that I wrote. I have pretty much gone two years without getting any sleep, and that makes it all worth it.


UPDATE: I just filmed an interview with Channel 27 here in Madison. Fat-apalooza will commence at 6 PM. I think they're putting it on the web, too.

Oh, and another thing - I was the one who came up with the term "Frankenstein Veto." That is all.

UPDATE UPDATE: WKOW has the video of my fat melon on their site. I honestly don't even know what my quote means - and I keep looking to the left because one of their reporters was walking out of a door on the set.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bad Timing

I'm applying for a new life insurance policy (my wife is insisting I get it - which should worry me significantly), and last night I had my over-the-phone health check. It's the thorough interview where they ask you if you've ever had gingivitis, grown an extra head, sykydive while using an intravenous drug, or whatever. They asked me if I drank heavily, if I did heroin, and if I used marijuana. That took me all the way to Tuesday of this week.

Anyway, they were asking me if I had any of these horrible diseases and I kept saying my health was clean as a whistle. In the middle of these questions, though, I started coughing and couldn't stop. This angered me, as with every cough, I could see my premium going up. "Cough" CHING! "Cough." CHING! They probably think they're getting some dying guy who just lied to them on every question. I can't wait to see my first bill now. I'll probably be paying more Courtney Love.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Frankenstein Follies

Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's office sent me this clever re-working of some of Doyle's comments. It's illustrative of the ridiculous ways that Wisconsin governors can use the budget as a word puzzle and enact laws that the legislature never intended.

Quick Question

I was thinking about the word "ruthless." What is "ruth," and why are you such a bastard if you don't have any of it? I think the world needs more ruth.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Historic Super Bowl: Woman Starts First Game at Quarterback

Other observations:

80% of Super Bowl ads now feature talking animals. It's advertising gold.

Doritos reminds us what a historic event this is for African-Americans - then urges them to buy their chips.

People under 25 years old likely have no idea why Prince is famous. That being said, his halftime show was spectacular. Was that a Foo Fighters song?

With the Bears loss, Brett Favre retains the deed to the City of Chicago. He owns you guys.

Jim Sorgi: Super Bowl Champion.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Obama's Biggest Skeptics

In watching video of Charlie Sykes' television show from last week, one thing in particular struck me during the discussion of Barack Obama. In the reading I've done, there seems to be one group that is most skeptical of Obama's chances of being elected President. That group?


Ask white people whether they think Obama can be elected president or not, and you'll get an almost unanimous, "well... yeah - he can." Whether he actually will, or whether they would vote for him is a different story - for instance, I think he can be elected, but I'd never vote for him.

Take, for example, this Washington Post article, which talks about the tenuous line Obama has to walk with black voters. If he does the things necessary to become President, he has to take positions that risk alienating the African-American vote. If he adheres to philosophies of his South Side Chicago constituency, he'd be seen as too liberal, and therefore lose the support of valuable moderate voters.

Even if he were able to walk that tenuous line, blacks still seem to be skeptical of Obama's electability. African-Americans may not believe America has progressed to the point where they would elect a fellow African-American. I strongly disagree with this sentiment - all Colin Powell would have to do is wave his finger and it would send flocks of white people to the polls as if they were giving away free John Mayer albums.

The more cynical interpretation of this sentiment would be to say that blacks don't want to believe that America would vote for a black president. If there could be an African-American president, would white people think that racism is now no longer a problem? Would blacks worry that white people would wash their hands of issues of racial equality once they elected a black president, as if everything's on an even plane now? Wasn't electing TWO Palmer brothers within two years of each other enough?

On a somewhat related topic, I enjoyed this column by Peter Beinart of the New Republic on the root of Obama's popularity (free registration required). I think he gets it right.

100% of the research for this post was drawn from the song "Black Republican" by Nas and Jay-Z.