Thursday, January 18, 2007

Representin' The Dairy State

I remember watching a black comedian once who made a funny point about how African-Americans watch the news differently than whites. He said that when the anchor announces a murderer or robber has been apprehended, the first thing blacks say to themselves is, "Please, don't be black."

It's gotten to be the same thing when watching American Idol. As soon as they show a bearded freak, the first thing I mutter to myself is, "Please don't be from Wisconsin." In fact, I mumbled those very words right before they showed that red-headed cro-magnon from Superior on last night's show (the one who did the falsetto "Bohemian Rhapsody" - the last bad one on this video.)

Fortunately, the Badger State dodged a bullet when "The Hotness" and the guy that looks like Golem proved to be from elsewhere.

I'm always looking out for how Wisconsin looks to outsiders - but I have to say stuff like this doesn't exactly help.