Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Betta Recognize Pocan's a P-I-M-P

Something struck me about this Melanie Conklin article detailing State Representative Mark Pocan's marriage to his partner Philip. There's no real manly way to say this, so I'll just come out with it. Look how good looking of a guy Philip is... not to denigrate Pocan, but he appears to have overmarried (much as I have).

Clearly, the Gentleman from the 78th District has unlocked the mystery of good lovin'. If Pocan started teaching seminars to single older women on how to land a stud, he'd be a millionaire. I'll front the first five bucks as an investment.

There is one part of the article, however, that troubles me. Apparently, they spent two weeks in Bali. I only got to spend one week on my honeymoon. What kind of crap is that? It's outrageous - and my anger is fueled solely by jealousy.

Finally, if Kathleen Falk actually did send Pocan a book about gay marriage, that seems a little condescending. I'm sure my black friends would appreciate getting the gift of Richard Wright's Black Boy from me, to show them what being African-American is like. "Yeah, thanks Kathleen - tell me all about gay marriage, given your lifelong experience as a heterosexual (excluding college)." He probably would have preferred a really nice nose and ear hair trimmer. As would we all.