Thursday, November 02, 2006

Magnum Crashes the Party

On Thursday, the race for Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional District took on an almost Fellini-esque quality when challenger Dave Magnum crashed a joint press conference held by incumbent Tammy Baldwin and U.S. Senator Herb Kohl.

In one of his ads last month, Magnum used a quote from Kohl in one of his TV ads that apparently refers to people that talk a lot and do nothing as "jawjacking." It appears as though this was an attempt by Magnum to connect himself with the popular Kohl, even though it was clear Kohl supported Baldwin. Which leads us to today.

Baldwin and Kohl held a press conference this morning to announce Kohl's obvious support of Baldwin. Kohl looks completely perplexed at the idea of Magnum using his name in his ads. The only problem is, Magnum actually crashed the press conference and accosted Kohl afterwards. You can see the video of the whole thing here (click on the "video story" link next to the story).

Watch as Magnum grabs Kohl by the shoulder and won't let him go until he talks to him. Check out the horrified look on Kohl's face as he tries desperately to blow Magnum off - and witness the priceless brief glance Baldwin and her campaign manager share as this is all going on. Kohl looks like the nurse at the home just told him he won't be getting his warm milk and cookies that night. When Kohl finally wrestles himself away from Magnum, he utters a patronizing "God bless you," to Magnum, which somehow Magnum misinterprets as some kind of endorsement.

When asked why he went to the press conference, Magnum says he was invited by Channel 27 News, which they deny.

God bless Dave Magnum, indeed. You just can't make this stuff up.