Sunday, October 29, 2006

The "People Who Should Hate Me" List

In the event that I ever do drop the whole lame anonymity schtick, I've been trying to keep tabs on people that are likely to burn my house down when they find out who I am. And most of them probably have a point.

Anyway, looking back through some old posts, these are people who may justifiably hate my guts:

1. Mike McCabe*
2. Neil Heinen*
3. Dave Magnum*
4. Paul Barrows*
5. John Nichols*
6. Ahmad Carroll*
7. Reverend Sue Moline Larson*
8. Vanilla Ice*

(* denotes that I don't care)

I may be leaving people out, but there are a lot of people that I joke about toward which I don't really harbor any ill will. If anyone else wants to be added to this list, feel free to nominate yourself in the comments section.

Oh, and my wife Weezie wants to do a "Counterpoint" column arguing that I'm too hard on Neil Heinen. I figure it's probably enough that I just mention it here.