Thursday, October 26, 2006

Free Harold Ford

The national Republican Party is sending out an e-mail to bloggers that rips Tennessee U.S. Senate candidate Harold Ford. Only problem is, it shows that he's awesome.

From the e-mail:

After denying he attended a playboy party numerous times, Harold Ford has finally decided to come clean, explaining “I like football and I like girls.”

You can see video here.

Now wait a minute - this is supposed to make him look bad? Of course, the charge is that he previously lied about attending the party, which I guess isn't great. I'm confused about why he would feel the need to deny it in the first place. What I can guarantee is that Ford is about to receive a large special interest donation from the Tennessee Association of Blind Guys with Hairy Palms.

When they introduce another campaign finance reform bill at the federal level, I propose it contain a provision allowing candidates to lie at least once about whether they like naked women. And someone might want to check into Mark Foley's claims that he never attended a boy scout jamboree.

The RNC is running a TV ad against Ford accusing him of cavorting with playmates and accepting money from porn producers. As I've argued before, there's nothing wrong with accepting money from purveyors of porn - they have First Amendment rights, too. The only problem would occur when Ford introduces the "Give It To Me Harder Act of 2007" as a reward.

I might have to run down to Tennessee and cast my vote for Ford. Do you need a photo ID down there?