Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Peg on Line One"

Interesting that Peg Lautenschlager blew the doors off of Kathleen Falk in Dane County (60%-40%), yet is going to lose the statewide vote (if things hold up). With so many Dem votes in Dane County, that shows a pretty stark disconnect between Dane County liberals and the rest of the state. Of course, what's newsworthy about that?

I'm interested, however, in what the fallout for Jim Doyle will be after tonight's result. You may recall that the Falk candidacy is a Jim Doyle & Co. Production, and it cost the sitting Attorney General her job. Keep in mind, also, that the Doyle Administration is still in the thick of several criminal investigations. I would imagine that Lautenschlager now could absolutely tear the bark off of Doyle if she wanted to.

SECRETARY: "Um, Mr. Governor, it's Peg on line one. She said she wanted to come over and look through some file cabinets."

DOYLE: "Tell her that we lost the file cabinet key for approximately 55 days."

The lefties would love it, since they're no friends of Doyle, and she'd emerge the champion of open government in the state. Her legacy would be one of a clean government advocate, unfairly stripped of her job by a corrupt governor. The people that live in smoke filled Volkswagen vans and attend Fighting Bob Fest would love her.

UPDATE: Another fun fact - 47,673 people voted in the Democratic Attorney General primary in Dane County, while 9,806 voted in the Republican AG Primary. When you consider that about 350-380,000 total votes will be cast in the Dem Primary (my estimate, as of midnight), that means between 13% and 14% of the total Dem vote will be from Dane County - where Lautenschlager won by 20%. People smarter than I are going to have to pick over this one for a while, but I think that's fascinating. Falk gets hammered where she's best known, yet cleans up in areas where you would think the incumbent would have the advantage.

In more notable news, Cap'n Crunch was narrowly defeated by Dora the Explorer in his effort to head up the York household. Crunch was damaged by allegations that his cereal was not an essential source of 12 vitamins and minerals when part of a balanced breakfast. Also, it was reported that Crunch never served in Vietnam and was never awarded the rank of "Cap'n."

BEER #3 SUPER SECRET UPDATE: Since this is becoming a Primary Über-post, I thought I should take some time to pat myself on the back for my prediction in July of 2005 that Falk would win (although I thought it would be by a much larger margin). In that same post, I listed State Representative Jason Fields as an up-and coming Democrat, and he serendipitously rewarded me today with this illustrious Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel column.