Tuesday, August 01, 2006

TIME Gets Stem Cells Right

Rarely does a week go by that I'm not embarrassed to be a TIME Magazine subscriber. Generally, their cover stories break into four categories:

1. Why Bush is ruining the world
2. Here's a disease/environmental disaster that is going to kill you
3. There's a new movie/gadget that you should see or buy (which we generally have a business interest in seeing succeed)
4. Why Bush is ruining the world

However, I was pleased to see their cover story on stem cells when my TIME came in the mail today. I thought it was balanced and accurately reflected the arguments both sides. If anything, I think it gives a little more space to the pro-lifers.

A nice little respite before next week's edition, where we will find out why Bush is standing by and doing nothing while innocent Lebanese citizens are being killed. I mean, really - it's like he's flying the bombing missions himself.