Monday, July 24, 2006

Doyle's Stem Cell TV Ad

Since absolutely nobody has asked me my opinion of Doyle's new "stem cell" TV ad, I thought it was imperative that I chime in. Mark Green's press release said a lot of the same things I was going to, so I'll post it here.

For those of you who haven't seen the ad, it features the mother of a young diabetic girl speaking to the camera about her daughter's condition and how a "Washington politician like Mark Green" wants to outlaw stem cell research. She says it's stem cell researchers in Wisconsin "who might find the cure" for her daughter's diabetes. Of course, embryonic stem cells currently aren't used in any procedure that has ever helped a single person with any disease. Certainly, nobody is more objective on the merits of embryonic stem cell research than the parent of a sick child. Of course, Jody Montgomery is the same shy woman who introduced Doyle at the Democratic convention.

At the end of the ad, she challenges people who want to "outlaw stem cell research" (meaning: nobody) to "tell it to my daughter." To that, I say fine. Get her on the phone for me.

"Hi, Maddy? It's me, Dennis. Your mother is exploiting you and your disease using false information for a political campaign. I saw your mommy lying on the ad six times today, and six times, it broke my heart. Sleep tight."

If you were the parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes and you hear Jody Montgomery detail it as essentially a death sentence, wouldn't you be a little bit irritated? Don't hundreds of families courageously wake up every morning and go through the same routine without having the governor give them a statewide platform to complain about it? Incidentally, Adam Morrison was the third pick in this year's NBA Draft and he is a Type 1 diabetic.

Of course, Mark Green has never taken a vote on "banning stem cell research." He has, however, voted on banning human cloning, of which the American public is overwhelmingly in favor. It is new cloned embryos that would give stem cell researchers the stem cells they need through the process of killing the newly created embryo. The ad cites four bills as showing that Green wants to "outlaw stem cell research." They are basically all the same bill, and all outlaw human cloning.

In July, a group of Catholic Bishops urged Doyle to change his position on embryonic stem cell research, as they oppose the creation of cloned embryos for research purposes. In a letter to the bishops, Doyle fired back, saying that embryos created in fertility clinics could be used for research. In the letter, he said, "Therefore, the ultimate question isn't whether embryos will be destroyed but whether we should allow a few of those unused embryos to be utilized saving lives instead of discarding them." Boy, he really showed them, huh?

Well, guess what- Mark Green's voting record is completely consistent with Doyle's own statements. Green's votes against cloning would have nothing to do with research on fertility clinic embryos. There is nothing that Green has ever done that would prevent stem cell research on these leftover embryos. So while it's a downright lie to say that Green wants to "outlaw" stem cell research, it's even equally disingenuous to say that he opposes embryonic stem cell research.

Naturally, you'll never hear the word "cloning" in any of Doyle's ads, since human cloning is wildly unpopular. Instead, you'll hear about "stem cell research," which polls well. In the end, however, cloning really is the big issue that sets the candidates apart. Doyle wants human cloning, while Mark Green does not. And if you hold your breath waiting for any media organization to make the points I just did, you'd better have 911 on speed dial.

SIDE NOTE: In Doyle's first release exploiting Maddie Montgomery, they spell her mom's name "Jodi." Ever since, they have spelled it "Jody." Wouldn't you think they'd pay a little more attention to the people that they exploit?