Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Bottomless Pit Gets Lower

I invite you to check out the new portion of Jim Doyle's campaign website that encourages you to share your "personal story about how stem cell research affects you and your family."

I am dying to see some of the responses they get, given the fact that embryonic stem cell research isn't used in any procedures in any way to cure anything. So any family that has a sick kid can urge Doyle's support of a procedure that doesn't exist regardless of whether stem cell research could actually help their child in the future or not.

As long as we can just make stuff up, I am hoping embryonic stem cell research one day allows me to engage in a "love pretzel" with Keira Knightley. As long as Doyle is preying on the false hopes of Wisconsin's citizens, I thought I'd throw a Hail Mary.

I could go on, but a reader e-mailed me with pretty much exactly what I was going to say. So I'll let him say it:
Has there been a more shameless, self-serving political stunt in recent Wisconsin political history than this one?

-- Gov. Jim Doyle's campaign is soliciting personal stories about stem cell research in an e-mail sent to supporters today. Molly Walsh, the Doyle campaign's stem cell coordinator, asks recipients to "[h]elp our campaign by sharing your personal story about how stem cell research affects you and your family."

See the solicitation:
Why doesn't he just do it honestly and say "Attention, if you'd like to have your illness or, preferably, the illness of your child exploited for my political gain, please contact my campaign ASAP. Thank you, Diamond Jim Doyle."

This is truly despicable. Imagine if Green had sent out a similar e-mail asking anyone who had an abortion and regret it to "share their story" or if John Gard was out trolling for people who were victims of terrorism to use them in an ad for his race? The left would go berserk.

Doyle's team really has no shame.

On the site it says "Mark Green opposes stem cell research and has voted to ban or criminalize stem cell research eight times in Congress," which is of course, false. Everyone supports "stem cell research," while some have expressed concerns about human cloning for the purpose of embryonic stem cell research. But since there aren't any media outlets (other than Channel 3 in Madison) willing to expose Doyle's childish lies, there's really no incentive for him to stop promulgating them.

It wonderful that the media complain about negative campaigns, yet they sit back and do nothing to actually investigate the veracity of the false claims made. They might want to put down their campaign finance reform pom-poms just long enough to cover the issues in a campaign, rather than covering polls, fundraising numbers, and who has the shinier new campaign bus.