Thursday, June 22, 2006

York Crushes Blanchard's Soul

A couple of weeks back, I ridiculed Brian Blanchard for his attempt to keep former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen in jail while he awaited his appeal. Blanchard laughably argued that Jensen would somehow "reoffend," despite the fact that he is no longer in the State Legislature.

This week, predictably, Judge Steven Ebert agreed with me and ruled that Jensen could remain a free man while filing his appeal. Ebert couldn't completely help himself, however, as he gave Jensen another in-court tongue whipping. One wonders if Ebert is going to show up at the birth of Jensen's next child and berate him for his low sperm count.

In related news, a relative unkown in Waukesha County politics named Sven Jenovich has filed papers to run for his recently vacated Assembly seat. Originally a goat herder in Prague, Jenovich has recently moved to America to teach motor scooter safety to legless senior citizens.

Authorized and paid for by Jenovich for Assembly, Soda Popinski treasurer