Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We Love You, Brian...

Of course we all love Brian Fraley, but what the hell was this?

From a Van Hollen for Attorney General press release announcing their new mobile headquarters:
“And while we know those who fear a J. B. victory will snicker about 'a heavily armed recreational vehicle,' this Mobile HQ will be a huge benefit to the campaign and to the hundreds of grassroots volunteers who will staff JB this summer,” said Fraley. “Truth be told, even we've made a few references to the movie Stripes, but this campaign and J.B.’s determination to work for the entire state is serious business.”
J.B. is running for what again? Aren't there a couple references from "Meatballs" they could have thrown in?

After doing some research, I figured out what was going on at the Van Hollen headquarters.