Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Skool Roolz!

I hadn't looked at my old yearbooks in probably a decade, but tonight my daughter asked to look at one of them. What I found inside was the most spectacularly awesome "mustache to mullet ratio" I have ever witnessed. This should probably put to rest any false feelings of superiority you have about your high school - obviously, mine comes up big where it really counts. My school should have been awarded more federal "No Mullet Left Behind" money as a reward. I suppose you could find some kind of cultural anthropologist to do an analysis of what year I graduated, but whatever - this is worth it. I kid you not - these are all from the same class, and all scanned in by me tonight.

And in the special women's division, we have:

At some point, hundreds of hair spray companies must have gone under when these looks came crashing down.

I kid you not, this girl was voted "Best Dressed:"

And this girl was voted "Most Individual," which is code for "Most Likely to Want You Dead."

If anyone wants to send me submissions to the Mullet/Mustache hall of fame, I'll be happy to post them. Until then, kneel down and worship my school, as you should.