Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mess With the Bull, You Get the Horns

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today, in a story about the New Berlin school district dropping their membership in the Wisconsin Association of School Boards:

Thomas said "the final straw" in his decision to seek an end to the district's association with WASB was a short item published in April on the Weblog of Journal Sentinel columnists Cary Spivak and Dan Bice. Spivak and Bice wrote about bloggers ridiculing Ashley for a column he wrote in Wisconsin School News that linked support for the Taxpayer Protection Amendment and prewar Nazi Germany.

Ashley said his words in the Wisconsin School News piece have since been taken out of context. "The word Nazi never even appeared," he said. "There were some media that misrepresented the content of that piece, which was unfortunate. . . . I wasn't aware that an opinion column would be something that led to their decision."

Gee, I wonder who those bloggers that Spivak and Bice were writing about could have been?

And just for the record, here's Ashley's quote about the TPA. Draw your own conclusion:

After World War II, when totalitarianism was defeated in Germany and elsewhere, our decentralized democratic foundation was widely hailed and celebrated. Americans recognized that state control of schools in Germany was one clear aspect of that society that had gone in the wrong direction.

Some lawmakers in Madison seem to have forgotten both their American history and their civics lessons as they are clearly willing to impose their will on every school district in the state of Wisconsin.