Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dumbocracy Campaign's True Colors

Long time readers of mine know that I am particularly fond of ridiculing the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, the dopey left wing group that lobbies full time to restrict your free speech rights. The whole organization is led by Mike McCabe, a failed former State Assembly candidate who decided that the whole system is corrupt after he got his head handed to him in a Democratic primary for Tammy Baldwin's old seat.

The whole purpose of the WDC is to go after special interests that have undue influence over the Legislative process. Specifically, they criticize groups that don't disclose their contributors, yet attempt to influence policy. The media fall all over themselves to get quotes from McCabe in every article, despite the fact that his only real specialty is getting himself quoted in news stories. It's like the State Journal needs his permission before they go to print. It's just a matter of time before we see:

MOVIE REVIEW: McCabe gives "White Chicks" two gut-busting thumbs' ups!

While McCabe identifies his groups as being "nonpartisan," that notion is laughable. One needs to look no further than its board of directors to see it is composed of every lefty spending group in the state, including many groups that engage in the very political activities that WDC denounces. Whenever he criticizes "pay to play" activities, it's always a criticism of a tax credit that helps business and economic development, but never any legislation that helps the Sierra Club or Coalition for Aging or any of his special interest buddies.

The "nonpartisan" charade was shattered forever when they released this little-read release last week, in which they denounce the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

You may wonder to yourself - just what business does a group supposedly dedicated to campaign finance reform have putting out a release on gay marriage? There are several possibilities:

1. McCabe just couldn't help himself any longer. He knows he has the media in his pocket, and thought they would jump when he issued a release on an issue that his organization doesn't have any relationship to.

2. Action Wisconsin, or some other gay rights group, called McCabe to enlist his services. Or maybe they threw him a few bucks to take a shot at it.

Regardless of why he did it, the irony here is obvious. You have a group (WDC) formed to denounce special interest influence in legislative issues serving as a special interest attempting to influence legislative issues. On the one hand, they denounce the exercise of free speech by some interest groups, but expect to get a free pass when they do the very same thing.

As long as the local media insist on pretending McCabe has any credibility, I will insist on proving that he does not.

Greatest title of all time, by the way. Even though it makes me sound like a self-satistfied dittohead.