Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Kid From Brooklyn on Gas Prices

Amid all the consternation and political maneuvering about gas prices, we finally have someone that is willing to speak some common sense. Check out the Big Man's gas price plan, but pay close attention, because it is a nuanced plan with a lot of high-minded concepts.

As always with The Kid From Brooklyn, the language is unsuitable for work, for kids, or for anyone that used to be a kid, for that matter.

I have absolutely no doubt that Mark Green will skate to election if he merely adopts the slogan "BRING BACK THAT FU**ING IRAQI OIL!" In fact, I can write their first press release:

"Doyle Fails to Sufficiently Stick it Up the Ass of the Fu**ing Oil Tycoons"

Oh, and by the way - 5 bucks to anyone that sends him a picture of Jenna.