Monday, May 01, 2006

Exxon Tiger Rips Doyle Campaign's Excess Profits

Madison - The Exxon Tiger today ripped Governor Jim Doyle's campaign, accusing him of gouging campaign contributors seeking state contracts. "Doyle makes obscene profits on the backs of average taxpayers, who have to pay for more expensive state contracts when a big donor writes a check," said the Tiger.

According to Wisconsin Elections Board records, Doyle raised a total of $1.2 million from contributors between July 1 and December 31st of 2005, while spending only $421,000 to raise that money. Doyle's $800,000 profit amounts to a 200% profit over those six months. For calendar year 2005, the profit is even more stunning. Records show that Doyle raised $2.6 million, while spending $654,000 to raise those funds for a total profit of 300% in 2005.

Doyle has recently been critical of oil companies' quarterly profits of between eight and ten percent, holding press conferences even suggesting legislation to cap oil company profits, which he as Governor cannot even do. Doyle is apparently keenly aware of exactly how much money oil companies should make and spend on alternative fuel sources, oil exploration, infrastructure, and transportation.

The Tiger pointed to the Doyle Adminstration's recent legal troubles as evidence of their overcharging for the privilege of providing state services. "Clearly, the Adelman Travel group was gouged - Doyle could have actually given them the state travel contract for free," he said, pointing out that's how government is generally supposed to work. "It took almost a million dollars for the Tribes to get a sweetheart deal that was so ridiculous, the state Supreme Court threw it out," said the Tiger. "It would be nice to have a Governor that pays more attention to the taxpayers than he does his own windfall profits," said the Tiger.

The Tiger also noted that the Wisconsin Retirement Fund invests heavily in - you guessed it - big oil companies. "Even if Doyle could do something about oil company profits, he would be damaging his core constituency - government employees," said the Tiger. "If he is really that offended by oil companies, he could pull the state's investments and cut retirement benefits to over 70,000 state employees," he said.

"When the government takes 31 cents per gallon from you with the gas tax, it's called 'economic development,' and when an oil company profits a lot less per gallon for providing the service to you, it's called 'gouging," said the Tiger. The Tiger also called on the state to cease subsidizing Doyle's campaign operations with taxpayer funded campaign trips.

The Tiger was reached while on vacation in Wisconsin Dells with his partner, Tony.