Monday, April 17, 2006

Reader Mail

A couple of interesting e-mails today:

Wondering why no one was blogging on this stuff. Great story about bad political campaign contributions.

Actually, Ken, that is exactly why campaigns release bad news on Friday afternoons - because nobody reads the Saturday papers and they hope stories like this slip by. Good to see my readers aren't fooled by such cynical ploys.

Did Jim Doyle know he got a large campaign contribution from International Profit Associates? Probably not. When you're pulling in a million bucks per reporting period, it's impossible to know everything about every contributor, and if anyone knew anything, it would be the campaign staff and not Doyle himself. Trust me, as much as I would love to nail this to Doyle, I made this argument in a post defending Republicans, so I have to stick with it.

However, the return of this contribution brings up a good point. Doyle's campaign gets a call from a reporter and that's enough to return this money, but they continue to let the Adelman contribution fester like an open wound in their account (If they have returned it and I missed it, I'm sure someone will let me know). I know they are maintaining that there is nothing improper about the Adelman contribution, but federal investigators seem to disagree. For every day that money sits in his account, it's like an in-kind contribution to Mark Green. In fact, if they ever tried to return the money, Green should beat up the mailman and steal the check.

With Lautenschlager, it's a completely different story. She actually sent her office after these sleazebags on behalf of Wisconsin citizens. If anybody in the state should have known that these individuals were of questionable character, it should have been her. She's probably making the right move to be defiant in returning the money, but why on earth would anyone on her campaign think accepting this contribution was a good idea? Especially when no criminal charges were ever brought? Doesn't it kind of seem like a "thanks for not being tough on us" gift? Is she going to accept an in-kind contribution of a pack of smokes from Chai Vang?

As for Falk, we'll see if Lautenschlager's diversionary counter-charge sticks. My gut tells me the most you're going to find on her is that a family of woochucks in Stoughton sent her a check in return for not cutting down the family tree or something.

E-mail #2:

The glass free Mifflin St Block Party Ordinance raises questions, at least to me. Admittedly, I'm old.

Does this mean that at Mifflin Street pot can only be smoked in joint form or from metal or wood pipes, not from glass pipes?
Don't forget tip your waitress. Try the veal.

While this attempt to get his joke in a post was succesful, I actually do object to this ordinance. I'm not sure what line we crossed when local governments think it's just fine to regulate the manner in which I legally consume a legal product, but I'm fairly certain we're near the end of the world. Until I'm outraged by something else the City of Madison does, and I then declare the end of the world once again.

Just wait until they mandate open toed shoes for all city residents, and the earth does actually explode. Then I will be proven right. Of course, I will have been incinerated at the time, but clearly vindicated.