Monday, April 24, 2006

Prime Business Space Available in About 3 Months

Driving by the the west end of the UW-Madison Campus yesterday, I noticed a couple new businesses had moved into the space formerly inhabited by Luther's Blues. Looks like there's a Subway and a copy shop there now.

That particular location has always been cursed - there's no parking, and it's in a really awkward spot right in between two of Madison's busiest city streets. It's a game of Frogger just to get there. Way back in the day, there was a McDonald's there that had to close down. Seriously, how often do you see a McDonald's close? That's how bad the location is.

So I don't know if the owners of these two new businesses are aware of what they're getting into, but they have a huge mountain to climb. They could be from out of town and think it's a prime location without knowing how businesses turn over there every couple of months.

This is like Christmas dinner at your extended family's house. There's always the one new guy that shows up with your old, crazy, alcoholic, chain-smoking aunt. It's no coincidence that she brings a different guy every holiday. You want to pull the guy to the side and tell him to get out now, but in some respects, he has to learn his own lesson. Plus, he might be the one guy that can finally stick with her. And if he is, we should send him to negotiate a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians, because the man clearly has something special.

So I hope those new businesses are finally the ones that make an honest woman of that building, but I'm not holding my breath.