Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Our Own Cynthia McKinney

Ah, who can forget the good old days of Gwen Moore as Wisconsin State Senator? For those of you enthralled with Cynthia McKinney's alleged assault of a U.S. Capitol officer, let me refresh your memory about what happened here in Wisconsin in 2001. Actually, the parallels are eerie.

Capital Times (Madison, WI)
November 1, 2001

Capitol police have stopped asking for photo IDs of those entering the Capitol after a showdown with state Sen. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee. On Wednesday Moore balked at the new requirement and refused to provide a photo ID as she entered the State Capitol. Sgt. Todd Thomas was called to the scene and admitted Moore, saying he knew who she was. Moore was not satisfied. She took the issue to the governor's office, and later Capitol Police Chief Mike Metcalf stopped the photo ID requirement.

"I am too often reminded Mohammed Atta had a photo ID," Moore said as she entered the building. Atta has been identified as a principal in the Sept. 11 airline hijackings. "A photo ID doesn't tell people anything," she continued. "This is a back-door approach to civic homicide of poor people, homeless people, low-income people, students who may want to visit our Capitol." "This will not tell people whether I am a terrorist. This disenfranchises people who come to their Capitol."

She noted police had allowed children to enter the building without a photo ID and that senior citizens who don't drive may not have photo IDs. "You can search to see if I have any bombs, but I will not give you a photo ID," she told the officer at the door. The Capitol belongs to the citizens ofthis state, the taxpayers, Moore said. "This is the people's house. I will not give you a photo ID."

Asked why she was coming into the building, Moore replied, " I work here." The officer pursued the questioning, asking for whom she worked. "I work for the people. That's who I work for," replied Moore. The officer said Moore could not enter, but she call for the officer's supervisor, Sgt.Thomas. Moore told the officer she was entering the Capitol in five minutes, regardless of the officer's orders. Thomas got there in two minutes.

Remember, this was six weeks after September 11th. And of course, security took a back seat to Gwen Moore's indignant recalcitrance, as Capitol Police caved and stopped requiring a photo ID. Apparently attempting to secure the state's capitol is "civic homicide," but it's okay for her son to slash the tires of vans hired to give individuals rides to the polls.

As for McKinney, the only difference between her situation and Moore's is that she allegedly cold cocked a police officer. I am of the belief that anyone who publicly states their support for McKinney should be thrown in prison.

On the other hand, I think this probably crosses the line.