Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Standing Up for Brian Dake

For those of you not paying attention to the Scott Jensen trial, the following took place today during testimony from Jensen's current staffer, Brian Dake (via Wispolitics):

He did allow Meyer to ask Dake whether he believed Jensen was an honest individual. "I believe he's a truthful and honest man," Dake said. Then Dake, who had appeared to grow increasingly nervous as he testified, broke into tears as he said, "He means more to me than I think he'll ever know."

Of course, my initial reaction to this was probably the same as everyone's. Maybe a little too, um... "dramatic" for my tastes. In fact, he's already started to take a beating in the blogosphere. But after I thought about it a little, I really feel for Dake.

I know my role as semi-informed blogger requires me to drop the hammer on the guy, but he was in a really tough situation. He had to take the stand as a prosecution witness against his current boss. He spent a good deal of the last decade working for Jensen, and probably grew to respect and admire him over that time. He likely spent a huge amount of time busting his ass for Jensen and the GOP majority, thinking he was doing the right thing for State of Wisconsin. It probably all hit hit him at once on the witness stand that his life's work is what could lead to a conviction against the former shining star of the Wisconsin GOP (I am an unabashed Jensen apologist and fan, full disclosure).

Of course, if this were some guy professing his undying love for a murderer, I wouldn't have the same sympathy. But this trial has been a fraud from beginning to end. In fact, Jensen's constituents are so outraged about his shocking criminal behavior that they've overwhelmingly re-elected him twice since the charges were filed in 2002.

And for the Democrats that are enjoying this show so much, just keep in mind - the only reason you're not on trial right now is because you were too incompetent to hold the majority. Everything that the Republicans are accused of, the Democrats did, maybe even to a more extensive degree. And because Dems haven't even gotten a whiff of power in the Assembly in a decade, they get a free pass. In fact, the only whiff the dems have gotten is the odor in Frank Boyle's pants. Just be thankful a crazy secretary at the Assembly Democratic Caucus never had a relationship with Bob Turner.