Friday, March 17, 2006

Paucity of Blogging

As is the case with any red-blooded American, my life screeches to a halt during the NCAA tournament. By Monday, I may have forgotten that I am married with a kid. So that explains the lack of blogging over the past couple of days (although me blogging about not blogging counts as blogging, doesn't it? Someone get Descartes on the phone - blogito ergo sum).

So everyone have fun this weekend at the Wispolitics Blog Summit. Finally, a chance for bloggers to talk about blogging. I will not be in attendance for obvious reasons - most notably, I am so fat, I need to be lifted out of my house with a crane.

Oh, and I lost the Blog of the Week to MU Cerebellum. Congrats, ladies. I am now officially the Paul Giamatti of the blogosphere.

UPDATE: For those of you looking for a head start on Saturday's Blog Summit, check out this excellent article by Jennifer Peterson on the legalities of blogging. SPOILER ALERT- blogging is legal.