Monday, March 20, 2006

NEWS ALERT: Jenkinswatch 2006

Since I couldn't go to the Blogger Summit, I have relied on everyone else's accounts of what happened to get the feel of the crowd. My favorite line from a summary, though, was this from James Wigderson:
Apparently the aforemention Journal Sentinel spokesperson was Mandy Jenkins, their experiment in blogging. She should complain about her photograph in the newspaper.
My male readers don't need a translation for that - but for the one or two women that put down the crack pipe long enough to stumble to this site, it politely means:

She's hot.

So I had to investigate (incidentally, I consider this "journalism," which probably proves the point she was trying to make at the summit.)

I came up with this picture from her Kent State days, (entitled mandygigglymess.jpg). So I hope that does it for ya, James.

That is, of course, unless she is this Mandy Jenkins, A.K.A. "Miss Rodeo Arizona 2004."

UPDATE: A reason she may have rubbed the audience the wrong way - according to this post, she was up until 3 AM that morning boozing for St. Patrick's Day. A mere 8 hours later, she had to be sober and at a meeting with a roomful of bloggers.

Plus, her boyfriend sounds like my kind of guy - giving her phone number to crazy people? Solid.