Sunday, March 26, 2006

More Gay Marriage Juvenilia

Last week, I hammered away at UW Milwaukee Professor Amanda Seligman (who would have guessed such rock solid reasoning could be found at the UW?) for her incomprehensible editorial in favor of gay marriage. In it, she stated that she now regrets her heterosexual marriage because gays are legally excluded from taking part in marriage, or some such nonsense.

Today, the Journal Sentinel tries to even the score with an equally bad editorial by Mark Fielding Sevelis that makes the case against gay marriage. I'm generally on this guy's side, but it really is a meandering, disjointed mess. Apparently, gay marriage is bad because this guy was in some gay bowling gang in high school or something. I will refrain from making a joke about how they had the most polished balls in the bowling league (although I guess I just did).

Are the community columnists at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel picked at random? Do you get a free column with the purchase of a honey glazed ham at Pick n' Save?