Saturday, January 14, 2006

Reader Mail: Lead Paint

I haven't done any posting on the lead paint issue, but I got this e-mail that I thought summed it up well:

Did you see the release from Doyle when he vetoed the lead paint bill on Friday? Check out this quote, which makes it sound as though every day poor children face an apocalyptic doom of epic proportions: “Every day, lead continues to seep from paint on windowsills of Milwaukee’s oldest homes and into the blood, bones, and brains of this area’s poorest kids,” Governor Doyle said. So Doyle is basically saying that the blood and brains of poor Milwaukee children are being poisoned on a daily basis, and his fix for this problem is to allow trial lawyers to sue paint manufacturers – regardless of whether they made the paint in question. By having no agenda to address the poisonous carnage being inflicted on these poor kids, Doyle is basically taking the position that it’s OK to keep exposing them to a toxic neuro-poison as long as the well-heeled trial lawyers who fund his campaign are allowed to sue. Either Doyle is the most callous human turd to occupy the East Wing, or he is using poor children in Milwaukee as human shields in an effort to bluster for his campaign benefactors – the trial lawyers. Either way, it’s disgraceful.

PS: the lead is not “seeping” from the windowsills like an insidious monster from a B-movie horror flick – it’s being eaten by kids because their parents aren’t providing adequate supervision. What other household products should we allow people to sue for when they are ingested by unsupervised kids? Draino? Liquid Plumber? Anti-freeze? Paint thinner? Clearly, the blame lies with the manufacturer and not the derelict parent.