Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lara Jill Miller - Still Gettin' it Done!

I had such a good response to my offhanded comment about Lara Jill Miller yesterday (the "kinda-hot but still seems gettable" daughter from Gimme a Break), I thought I would follow up with an update on her career.

Here is a link to her website, which includes this memorable description of her current career:

Lara is an example of how the combination of talent, perseverance and diversity can lead to long-term success. The public certainly sees (and hears) it - she has a strong fan base, and nearly every day Lara is recognized on the street, her name a frequent buzz on many popular web sites. With her solid credits and great acting chops, she will impress and delight you.

Apparently, she now does a ton of voiceovers for kids' shows, which might explain why I feel like I need to smoke a cigarette after I watch "Higglytown Heroes."

And here's another fan website with photos that show that she is clearly still getting it done:

While I clearly love Lara, if you are writing a fan website dedicated to her, there is likely a government program available for you.

So my hope is that she Googles her name at some point, finds this blog, and sends me an e-mail. She can have all the space she wants to explain to her fans here in Wisconsin what's going on in her life, what her likes and dislikes might be, and what Nell Carter really smelled like. Hopefully Nell and Ol' Dirty Bastard are living together in harmony in heaven.