Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm a Uniter, Not a Divider

In these contentious times, I am always happy to bring together bloggers of all political persuasions. That is why I am happy that bloggers from McBride to Xoff agree that I had no business showing up in a Capital Times article as a "source." And I agree with them. I mean, what the hell? Was Pauly Shore unavailable for a quote on the governor's legal problems? Did the "kinda-hot but still seems gettable" daughter from Gimme a Break not return their call?

Even Spivak and Bice have picked up this major controversy. Although I'm technically not a source in the article, as I don't really provide any meaningful information (which is consistent with my blog), who knows who I could be? I actually think my bigger scoop was when I revealed that Adelman got the contract despite providing travel exclusively by rickshaw.

Anyway, this is a strange precedent. I have to go now - the Washington Post wants to talk to me about the Alito confirmation vote. Then I have a conference call with "Windsurfing Nuns Weekly."