Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hot On the Trail of Dennis York

Well, it appears that some media outlets may be exhausting their resources to find out who Dennis York is. I'm kind of wishing my blog was truly terrible - probably the first time I wished I was Brian Christianson (although I don't have any insightful Bert Blyleven stories for you).

It's really too bad, because you would all really be bored with the revelation. Like Deep Throat (which I promise I didn't star in), you'd say "who? All this for that?" So you will have gained my identity, but lost my blog.

As I said in some of my back and forth with Xoff, I really just started this blog to make myself and my friends laugh. A few jokes, here and there, sprinkled with some smart ass sarcasm. And if I made a political point here and there, it was just a bonus. I probably got carried away and said some things and took some shots at people that I shouldn't have (Phil Brinkman and Tom Sheehan are good reporters), but it was all in the name of fun. Instead of writing good columns like David Brooks, I started writing columns about turds and Mayor McCheese. Trust me, you should have seen all the posts I started to write and gave up on or I wouldn't post.

And suddenly, people started to read it. People started linking to it. And it freaked me out, so I retired for a while. I had the itch, though, so I started back up, and the readers came back with me. I was using a crappy hit counter at the time, that didn't register all the hits I was getting. When I switched to a new hit counter, it said I was actually getting three times the hits I thought I was, which scared me to death.

I have to say, it is bizarre to have people write and talk about you, even though they're really kind of talking about someone else (although I have been accused of being a racist and a homophobe, as well). Sometimes I would get to work and check the blog, and actually be disappointed that there wasn't a new post, before I realized it was me. After the State Journal article came out on Sunday, I asked my wife if she was going to brag to her friends that she gets to smooch Dennis York on occasion, which led to her rolling her eyes.

So I guess I have a decision to make. Dennis York to me is now kind of like a sidekick, or an old friend. I actually feel like I would miss him. Plus, it would almost certainly mean the end of the A&W Root Beer Bear's run for the governorship as a Republican (although I hear campaign ads are hard to buy with fish and berries). I never thought for a second someone wouldn't figure it out at some point, it just kind of sucks that it's getting to be about that time. I have to decide if I want to go quietly, or go out like Tony Montana with machine gun blazing.

Since I'm bummed out, I'll just post the picture and headline I had planned for the post I was going to do tonight. Just whatever text I had written at the time, you can probably figure out what I was going to write, anyway. Probably something about Doyle naming Aquaman head of the DNR's water quality division or something.