Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Great New Blogs for 2006

Apparently a few people are keeping their New Year's resolutions to start blogs this year, as a number of really promising ones are cropping up. It's just a matter of time before my wife starts one and devotes the whole thing to ripping me - you'd see posts entitled "Dennis York screams at the TV during sporting events," "Dennis York never brushes his teeth on Saturdays," and "Dennis York jams too many clothes into one load of laundry."

A special thanks to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnists Spivak and Bice, who started their new blog off today with link to a post of questionable taste from yours truly. I appreciate their readership, and I will most certainly link to them regularly. The fact that they liked my post is a sign that they are fans of things that have little to no socially redeeming value. UPDATE: Belle from "Leaning Blue" welcomes them to the blogosphere with a post that truly has to be seen to be believed. has added two new bloggers, Brian Fraley on the right and Carrie Lynch on the left, both of whom I will add to my blogroll. For the sake of conservatives, I hope Carrie is terrible, but early signs show that I am probably wrong.

And finally, State Representative Mark Pocan started a blog today, which he promised will be an honest look from inside the Capitol as a lawmaker. This should be beneficial, as I often wonder what in the world is going on inside that head of his. So stay tuned, although I urge him not to show us any more pictures of his sausage. And he has the stones to take comments, which is a good sign.

Oh, and thanks to the online arm of The Isthmus newspaper for the nice review in their "2005 Year in Madison Blogs" article. I do, however, sheepishly have to admit that I had to look up what "Rabelaisian" meant.