Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Genuine Faux Democratic Outrage

So the State Democratic Party is feigning indignation about Scott Newcomer not currently living in the district to which he is about to be elected. Newcomer has received a clean bill of health by the State Elections Board saying no laws were broken, so this is all, of course, just a ruse.

Let’s jump in our time machine all the way back to 2004, when Milwaukee-based Democratic State Representative Lena Taylor ran for the State Senate. Not only did Taylor not live in the district to which she was eventually elected, she represented a State Assembly district in another (Spencer Coggs’) Senate district.

On the forms Taylor filed with the Elections Board in 2004, she listed her address as 3407 West Highland Blvd in Milwaukee. A quick check of the legislative database shows clearly that address was not in the district in which Taylor was running.

Somehow, I don't recall Democrats filing a complaint against Lena Taylor then. Sure, she didn't use a dubious address as her voting address, but the point is that people don't care. Taylor was elected and Newcomer will be too. In fact, it actually speaks ill of the electorate that Taylor didn't even feel the need to attempt to move into the district before hand. High standards at work there - I can see the speech now: "I'll fight for your values just as soon as I move into the district and figure out just exactly what those values are."

Anyway, this is the type of thing that marginalizes the political parties. They have essentially become the court jesters in an otherwise serious political game. Some of the press releases they issue don't stand up to a fifth grade level of grammar, punctuation, or factual standard. It doesn't exactly take Inspector Gadget to poke holes in most of their ridiculous assertions.

Even on the GOP side, the state party hasn't been particularly interested in anything that doesn't include the words "Photo ID for voting" (which I support completely, of course). It practically took the Governor to start running "Uncle Jimmy's Swap Meet" out of the basement of the Capitol in giving out state contracts before they paid any attention to that issue.