Thursday, January 26, 2006

"The FUNNIEST global-warming-themed Exxon-related Internet movie of 2006 (so far)."

Believe it or not, here's an actual e-mail I received from my homies at "Exxpose Exxon:"

From : Amelia Field ""
Sent : Thursday, January 26, 2006 6:41 PM
To : ""
Subject : Watch Exxon "Toast the Earth" as it celebrates $32 billion in profits


I’m writing to share latest from the Exxpose Exxon campaign and to thank you for your previous support when you posted about the campaign on your blog. Check out this short FLASH ( released today by the Exxpose Exxon campaign in anticipation of ExxonMobil’s fourth-quarter profit announcement this coming Monday, January 30th. ExxonMobil made an estimated $32 billion in profits in 2005 – the largest profit EVER recorded by an American corporation!

This might make a humorous addition to your coverage of what promises to be ExxonMobil’s latest outrage. It’s the FUNNIEST global-warming-themed Exxon-related Internet movie of 2006 (so far).

Please feel free to write with any questions or concerns. I’m also happy to provide background materials on the campaign and flash movie.


Amelia Field
On behalf of the Exxpose Exxon campaign

They are obviously referring to this post I wrote, where I ripped State Representative Terese Berceau for accepting an environmental award from the Sierra Club while owning between $5,000 and $50,000 in Exxon-Mobil stock.

But they actually think that because I criticized Berceau, that I actually support their group. Let me put it simply - I am ecstatic that Exxon will report $32 billion in profits. It means they will have more funds for oil exploration, drilling infrastructure, and research on alternative fuels, all of which will keep the cost of my gas down in the long term. I hope at least $1 billion of that profit goes to one executive who uses the money to buy his wife a nice fur made of one of the poor polar bears in their crappy movie.

Boy, with all the laughs found in their movie, I can't wait for their next one - just like I can't wait for an armadillo to crawl into one of my ears and start eating my brain.

Clear enough?