Thursday, December 15, 2005

My 10 Best Albums of 2005

For those of you looking for the political stuff, it will be back next week. For now, I wanted to do a self-indulgent look at the CDs I enjoyed the most this year. I’m obviously no expert, so I can’t do a definitive “best” CDs list, as I only really listen to what I buy.

I realize that it's likely my readership probably won't have heard of at least 9 out of these 10, so click on the album name for more details. And be sure to check them out.

So here we go….

Sufjan Stevens – Illinois

Every year I struggle with picking what my favorite disc was – but not this year. It’s a blowout. A compelling listen from beginning to end, Illinois is Stevens’ second installment in his tongue in cheek plan to record an album for each state (Michigan was his first). Combines sweeping orchestral numbers with intimate acoustic songs, all the while adhering to listener friendly hooks. And you might learn a little about the history of Illinois, too.

Twin Cinema – New Pornographers

Nashville – Josh Rouse

“Streetlights” is the best song I heard this year.

The Kingsbury Manx – Fast Rise and Fall of the South

Decemberists - Picaresque

Fountains of Wayne – Out of State Plates

White Stripes – Get Behind Me, Satan

Archer Prewitt – Wilderness

Foo Fighters – In Your Honor

Stars – Set Yourself on Fire