Friday, December 16, 2005

Chvala vs. Erpenbach - the Update

I don't really pretend I'm any kind of ace investigative reporter, but it appears that at least in one case, I had it right. Last week, I wrote a post pointing out that the pattern of behavior by newly minted felon Chuck Chvala hinted strongly that Chvala was out to get State Senator Jon Erpenbach. During the court proceeding, Chvala repeatedly referenced Erpenbach and his aide, former Chvala staffer Julie Laundrie.

Yesterday Laundrie released this letter to the judge in the Chvala case, accusing Chvala of exactly the type of intimidation and harrassment that I pieced together in my post. Laundrie, who is in a better position than any to know what Chvala is capable of, writes:

My selection as a prominent part of the plea agreement was not a simple chance. In fact I was told by the Assistant District Attorney that the agreement did not contain my name, but the defendant insisted that my name as a witness be included. In the filing of December 8th sentencing statement, the defendant again attacked and made accusations while reporting to the court his guilt. In addition, a former campaign contributor of the defendant has made accusations regarding me to the media. I can only assume that this campaign against me is an attempt to detract from the proceedings of the court and a way to publicly and privately hurt someone else. I see this as unrepentant and an act of intimidation. The defendant’s actions are unremorseful and disrespectful of the court.

There's a lot more to this story, and some enterprising reporter should start digging into the nature of the Chvala/Erpenbach/Laundrie relationship. If a dope like me can do it, anyone can.