Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Xoff Spin Cycle

I've settled into a cycle with liberal blogger Xoff over at Wispolitics.com, It goes something like this:

1. Xoff posts something completely absurd
2. Xoff posts something completely absurd
3. Xoff posts something completely absurd
4. Xoff posts something that he gets 100 percent correct, leading me to say "this guy actually gets it." I then forget every absurd post he had done previously.
5. Xoff posts something completely absurd
6. Repeat, indefinitely.

I was led to point #4 today by his assessment of John Nichols' opinion piece in the Capital Times, urging Kathleen Falk to run against Governor Jim Doyle instead of Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager. I read the editorial with my mouth agape at how stupid a theory it posited. In fact, I don't really have anything more to add to it - just read it yourself. I agree with every word (except the part about Bucher and Van Hollen being extremists). If Nichols wanted Falk to run in a primary against Doyle, he would be handing the GOP the two most important statewide offices in Wisconsin. Exactly how does that promote a "progressive" agenda?

He is also correct in assessing the GOP attacks on Falk. In campaigns, you only need to look at who is being attacked the most to find out who the frontrunner is. He has clearly decided that he wants the office to remain in Democratic hands, so Lautenschlager has to go. In fact, I might get a "Republicans for Lautenschlager" group together to make sure she sneaks through the primary (she will not).

I also have to chuckle at Xoff's turn against Lautenschlager. To his credit, he has been on this for a while - see his June posts. Early on, I did a post critical of State Senator Mary Lazich, and Xoff linked to it, accusing Republicans of "eating their own." In fact, what I wrote was a puff piece compared to the way he's gone after Lautenschlager (I also wrote my article because I legitimately believe Lazich is nuts, not out of any political calculus).

That Xoff is a smart guy.

Wait... he said what today?