Monday, August 08, 2005

The "York Idol" Competition is ON!

So just a little background on my blog - I essentially just started it to make the guys I work with, and other guys that are in politics (that feed me the good stuff) laugh. If there's a little bit of perspective and opinion thrown in here or there, that's kind of just extra.

Well, this thing has gotten completely out of hand. Bloggers who are a lot smarter and better than I have started linking to my site and people are actually starting to read it, which really was never supposed to happen. It's actually kind of embarrassing.

Last Friday, I got an e-mail from Wisconsin Public Radio, who wanted me to go on air for an hour to debate Bill Christofferson (Xoff) about my "Five Best Democrats in Wisconsin" post (note: WPR didn't know my blog existed until the lefty bloggers started linking to it - interesting).

Followers of my blog know that, for obvious reasons, I couldn't possibly go on air - although it would be a blast. So I propose that anyone that wants to go on air as Dennis York, be my guest. We could even turn it into a little competition, to de-pants Xoff on air. Debate to your heart's content. I already told them I couldn't do it, so it may take a little backtracking.

I am almost serious.