Sunday, August 14, 2005

York Announces Blogging Retirement

In one of her recent posts, Jessica McBride asks the question: "Who is Dennis York?" A more topical question might be: "Who was Dennis York?"

After a few months of working on this blog, I have finally decided to pull the plug on this little project. Seeing as how discussion of my identity has really taken over any discussion of what I actually write, I think it's probably time. Some other reasons:

1. I have heard from numerous people who are accused of being me on a daily basis. In her article, Jessica actually posits a few possibilities (I am none of those people, FYI). It really isn't fair to those people to have to answer questions about whether they are me, and it's not fair for people to suspect them of holding some of the opinions I have expressed.

2. I do actually feel guilty for using a pseudonym, and I apologize to those who didn't know. If I didn't absolutely have to, I wouldn't. When I started the blog, I never expected anyone except my audience of about four buddies to actually read it, so I didn't think the pen name thing was a big deal. I support other people who want to blog anonymously, because I think it can be a good thing if done right.

3. I'm just a regular working stiff, and I need to consider the job that actually pays my bills. Continuing this blog would make things difficult in that regard, so I have to prioritize the thing that keeps a roof over my head. I would hope everyone else would make that choice, too.

I want to thank all the people who have read this over the past few months, and the people who encouraged me to get it going in the first place. (I thanked some of them here.) I'll continue to read you all in the future, but unfortunately, I will have to vent quietly behind my desk. I'll keep all the articles I have written up on the blog, as my little contribution to the blog knowledge base.

Maybe someday I'll re-appear as "Phineas Ironsides" or "Grover Manlove" or something like that in the future. Keep a look out.

There's a good speech in the movie "Hustle and Flow" about those who talk the talk and those who walk the walk. I had been talking for a while about writing and doing columns. I want to thank you all for letting me walk for a little while.

-"Dennis York"