Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Counterpoint: "The Yorkster" Speaks Out

Seeing as he has plenty of time on his hands these days, I have enlisted Bob Novak to help me come up with a response to Xoff’s critique of my blog. I figured I needed a master public relations strategist to counter Bill Christofferson’s pointed observations.

First of all, whenever there is a popular conservative issue that starts getting good press, the typical liberal response is to downplay it and say that there are much more pressing issues in the world. Witness Xoff's own post, "Who's Needling Now, Needlessly," where he says, about the used hypodermic needles delivered to Speaker John Gard's office by Governor Doyle's staff:

"I hesitate to mention this because it's one of those non-issues the right likes to stir up to keep everyone's attention off what really matters -- like the positive impact Jim Doyle's budget vetoes this week will have on countless kids and adults in Wisconsin...

... She was trying to get Gard's attention, and she certainly did that. I don't think this stunt is likely to change his mind, however. Can we move on now and stop the killing in Iraq, for example?"

So I’m going to play that card. Clearly, in a world where soldiers are dying, our enemies are gathering nuclear weapons, and the combover continues to be an acceptable hairdo, Xoff thinks my using a pen name to blog is a cornerstone issue. I guess the more he blogs about me and the less he acts on his unhealthy obsession with F. Jim Sensenbrenner, the better off we all are.

He is right in his skepticism about anonymous blogging. A lot of people may just set up an anonymous blog and start blasting away at people, seeing as how there are no negative repercussions. In a situation like this, there really aren’t any rules, and nasty stuff can happen.

I hope my blog has more integrity than that. (Now that I said that, I have to scrap my “Xoff Smells Like Cabbage” post.) Whenever I post something, or take a shot at someone, I’ll source it. Granted, I do take some shots, but generally in a joking manner. If anyone disagrees with what I say, I’d be happy to post any e-mail responses I get (within reason). In fact, I was hoping that my blog could become more of a public discussion area, with a lot more reader input.

While he thinks people should be skeptical of individuals that post anonymously, I would argue the opposite. By doing so, I can give an honest assessment, whereas spokespeople for a point of view generally give spin. If you want to hear that, you can just read press releases and columns online. The Republican and Democratic party talking points are easily accessible. I would hope that my blog either sinks or swims based on the content and insight I provide, not necessarily on who I am (trust me, it's not that exciting). If I started taking unwarranted shots at people or telling untruths, I would hope people would stop reading. In the end, the readers will be the judge.

Why am I using the name "Dennis York?" It's easy - "Mark Twain" and "Jeffrey Dahmer" were taken. In any event, this is the last time I am going to address this - I want to get back to writing stuff that people actually care about (assuming I do now). In closing, I would like to mention that publishing private e-mails isn't something that I would do, but you can make up your mind what you think about it.

This is a lot like “Spiderman 2,” when Peter Parker can’t tell Mary Jane Watson that he is Spiderman. I can’t reveal my true identity to my readers because, in fact, I am actually Spiderman.

As for his offer to $2 to anyone to “out” me – my wife (who sides with him on pretty much everything) thinks she might be able to talk him up to $5.

Join us for the next installment, when Xoff and Dennis York face off on the question: “Fat Lohan” or “Skinny Lohan?”