Monday, June 06, 2005

Only Mike McCabe Deserves Free Speech

I will cover more about the sham campaign finance reform interest groups in a later column, but today's article in the MJS ("Ad rips budget's benefit for gays") really deserves mentioning.

Note the section about Mike McCabe, Executive Director of the "nonpartisan" Wisconsin Democracy Campaign:

Mike McCabe, executive director of the non-partisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, decried the ads. McCabe's group monitors issue ads.

"The public should be suspicious and skeptical when they're bombarded with ads from groups with motherhood-and-apple-pie-sounding names telling them what they should think about the state budget," he said.

This is perfectly consistent with McCabe's view that only he and the sycophantic pro-campaign finance reform editorial boards should be able to express their views on issues. Let's look at the "Wisconsin Democracy Campaign," which is supposedly above pure politics:

Mom and Apple Pie Name: Check

TV Ads Influencing Public Opinion: Check (The WDC announced their own issue ads in January of 2005, although there's a better chance of you seeing a yeti at Starbucks than one of these ads on TV.)

Shady Political Angle: Check (see previous post about McCabe's failed campaign for State Assembly as a Democrat).

Citizens that collectivize, pool resources, and express a point of view deserve the right of free speech, regardless of whether they agree with the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.